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Sorority Little ecstatic to receive IUD that once belonged to her Grandbig

greek life


George Washington University


- satire

Sorority Little ecstatic to receive IUD that once belonged to her Grandbig

A stunning act of sisterhood

Liat Wasserman


FOGGY BOTTOM - As Big-Little season comes to a close at The George Washington University, many sorority sisters feel a sense of pride and community as they think about all the gift baskets they gave and received as part of this staple period of Greek life. However, nothing compares to the invaluable gift that Skyla Mirena was blessed with last week. Recalling one particular sisterly act of love, the newly initiated sorority member reports on the Panhellenic pride she felt upon receiving an IUD that had once belonged to her Grandbig!

In the Big-Little process, Littles receive gift baskets that typically contain items that once belonged to members of their Greek family. This passing down of items is a special tradition in the Greek community, and gifts that go far back in the family lineage are of significant value. So you can imagine the ecstasy that Mirena conveyed via screaming upon receiving the IUD. "It feels so good to know that this was once inside of my Grandbig, and then inside my Big, and now it is going to be a part of me!"

One can also appreciate the craftsmanship that was apparent in the design of the IUD. Aside from it being able to prevent pregnancy, the IUD that Mirena received was adorably adorned with silk ribbons and glitter paint. Mirena's Grandbig commented noting that she actually spent five hours bedazzling the contraceptive device so that it would be fashionable as well as functional.

Mirena's eyes filled with tears of joy as she reported, "During the reveal we ran to each other and I waved the IUD in the air so they would be able to spot me in the crowd! I shouted at the top of my lungs 'SISTERS BY CHANCE, FRIENDS WHO SHARE CONTRACEPTION BY CHOICE!' I could tell that everyone was jealous."