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The best of GW memes: Year one

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George Washington University


The best of GW memes: Year one

Looking back on some of our favorites

Emily Milakovic


GW memes for The 10th most politically active teens (formerly the most political) launched roughly a year ago, as a place for "fresh hot memes for u hillterns out there." As page founder Jake Kania told us last April, GW students are characters, perfect for the making of memes.

From roasting the Corcoran, now-former Provost Peter K, or the poor Mount Vernon campus, we've had plenty of relatable memes this past year, some of which are highlighted here. In the interest of transparency, I have chosen:
a) the most liked posts
b) memes that are specific to life at GW, not college in general and
c) no more than three posts per category.

Some were not included if they were repetitive (three of the twenty most-liked memes were about the lovely Gelman closing speech) or if they were videos without any subtitles I could include in a screenshot or small text that became too pixelated in a screenshot, so please do not be offended if your meme isn't here; trust me, I saw and appreciated it.

Links to the memes are provided below the photos, in case you feel inspired to give them a like. Without further ado, here are the best memes of the past year.

GW in general

Meme by Erica Eckes
Meme by Andrew Zysk

The Vern

Meme by Kyle Hrabovsky. Cropped for space. 2.1K likes.

Meme by Eden Vitoff

Colonial Health

The Corcoran School of Art

Gelman Library

Meme by Ricardo Azze


Meme by Ben Sherman

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Meme by Humza Rizvi

Meme by Jake Kellner

Wealth & privilege

Meme by Cole Fisher. Cropped for space. 1.7K likes

Meme by Jacob Schafer.

Meme by Jake Kania


Meme by Zach Lehan

Food & drink

Meme by Becky Hirsch

Meme by Jacob Schafer. Cropped for space. 1.3K likes.

Miscellaneous but still relevant

Meme by Cole Fisher. Cropped for space. 1.5K likes.

Meme by Andrew Lama

Meme by Thereza Cevidanes. Cropped for space. 1.4K likes.

Meme by Anna O'Brien. Cropped for space. 1.4K likes.

Meme by Thomas Howe

Meme by Jessica Kiaraliza Martinez. Cropped for space. 1.2K likes.