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GW approves new study abroad location on the Vern after successful pilot program



George Washington University


- satire

GW approves new study abroad location on the Vern after successful pilot program

Get ready to see some deer!

Claire Cantrell


FOGGY BOTTOM – The George Washington University's Office of Study Abroad announced Tuesday the success of a pilot program on the Mount Vernon campus for students looking to broaden their horizons with an exotic study abroad experience.

Junior Marco Davis took the previously unheard of study abroad trip to the Mount Vernon campus, located in the depths of one of D.C.’s wealthiest neighborhoods. The experience was funded through a grant by the university in an attempt to expose students to a more diverse range of lyme disease cultures.

“It was a truly life-changing experience. It opened my eyes to the fact that some people really do live in conditions as poor as those off of Foxhall Road. The connections I made with the natives that inhabited the rolling Hillsides will never again be matched,” said Davis.

Davis was most surprised by the native cuisine offered on the campus, according to the second entry in his short-lived daily blog, "Marco Mounts Up:" “I’ve started to miss the traditional American foods. I've heard great things about the food on the Vern, and at first I was a little skeptical but nothing could prepare me for the delicacy of a freshly microwaved hamburger patty that had inevitably sat in the freezer for several months. Wash that down with a glass of lead-tainted tap water and you have yourself the most delicious meal known to mankind,” said Davis.

Though many students abroad have initial feelings of homesickness, Davis found himself making plenty of friends among the locals. "A couple of times, I saw some high school kids sneaking around the baseball field late at night and smoking weed in the dugout. I introduced myself and they even offered to share some of their Cheetos. They were so fascinated with my life back home and I told them all about it until they finally told me to shut up. They might not have been as annoying as the scamps from the School Without Walls, but I think we made a connection that will at least until they all go to prom."

The university’s study abroad office is hoping to expand its program further in the coming semesters to include locations such as 2000 Penn, Ward 8, and Colonial Williamsburg.