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Things to do instead of finding a job

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Things to do instead of finding a job

Where my second semester seniors not going to grad school at??

Jazmyn Strode


If you're like me and looking through LinkedIn for more than four minutes makes you want to bang your head against the wall, don't fret! Here are three time-consuming activities that will make you forget about your crushing inadequacy.

Me @ LinkedIn and @ myself

1. Watch all the movies nominated for best picture before the Oscars (or after the Oscars; you can drag this activity out)
Watch a couple in between class and internships/work since you don't really have homework yet but you know you should be doing something. If you need some links because you're broke, hit me up. I've been doing this myself and have checked off 5/9 thus far without leaving the comfort of my bed.
I also recommend substituting I, Tonya or watch Get Out twice in lieu of Three Billboards because there's less cop propaganda.

2. Convince your parents that you need to get a masters in history
This could also be dragged out, and this will vary parent to parent. My mom would only take, like, three phone calls (in the same time I watched the Oscars film) while yours might never agree and be dead set on sending you to the real world. Being a professor doesn't sound that bad!

3. Dissociate and listen to new Drake
I know for a fucking fact that God's Plan is already gonna be my number 1 song on my Spotify year in review next year. It's already secured its spot. There's no possible way I'll ever listen to another song this year as much as I already have that one. And maybe it's God's plan for me to be unemployed living with my mom. You never know.
Side note: this one works best if you're not sober.