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Freshmen food hacks

rival week


George Washington University


Freshmen food hacks

Helpful tips and tricks from GW upperclassmen

Stephanie Gemmell


As the fall semester ends, many GW students are budgeting to make their GWorld balances last. This is especially true for freshmen, who spend much of their first semester acclimating to GW. To help the Class of 2021 spend their dining cash wisely, GW upperclassmen shared their advice.

Maggie Meiman, a sophomore in the Elliott School, said that cooking your own food is a great way to save money. She explained, “I’m pretty particular about what I eat, so I really appreciate the ability to make the same type of food that I eat at home.” Maggie said that her favorite dishes to cook are quesadillas and chicken with roasted potatoes.

Dominique Parades-Rupp, a senior majoring in International Affairs, also emphasized cooking and suggested collaborating with roommates to cook meals. She explained, “many of my favorite moments from freshman year involve me cooking with my roommate.” She added, “cooking meals from home is a great way to curb nostalgia and homesickness, and your parents will be happy you called when you ask them for recipes.” She said some of her favorite meals to prepare are caprese chicken and different types of chili.

Dominique also said that meal planning can be helpful. She noted that planning to cook dishes that use similar ingredients will ensure that groceries you purchase get used. She recommended the CSA Boxes organized by the GroW Garden, which allow students to get a weekly bag of locally-sourced produce.

Andrew Magie, a sophomore majoring in Political Science, said that freshmen should try eating at Gallery, located in the basement of Shenkman Hall. He explained that Gallery is better and more affordable than the notorious freshmen-favorite, Carvings. Andrew said, “Carvings is to Gallery as Walmart’s ‘Great Value’ brand is to any branded product—except Carvings is neither cheap nor great.”
Mojib Ghaznawi, a senior majoring in International Affairs, suggested going grocery shopping on the Mount Vernon Campus. Mojib and others noted that Safeway is much more affordable than Whole Foods. He added that is it helpful to bring bags or containers to more easily carry your groceries.

Mojib also suggested eating at Pelham Commons, the dining hall on the Mount Vernon campus. He explained that it is convenient to study at Eckles Library when Gelman is too busy and to eat at Pelham afterwards. Pelham also hosts Sunday brunch from 11 am to 3 pm throughout the school year.

GW Dining also has five dining representatives to help guide students with various dining needs. Students can follow the reps on Twitter: @GWDiningKosher, @GWDiningVeg, @GWDiningMVC, @GWDiningGF, and @GWDiningHalal.