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Most underrated GWorld places

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George Washington University


Most underrated GWorld places

Making the most out of your dining dollars

Anika Raju


It's around this time of year that students begins to grow tired of food on campus and complain about how there are no options left. However, it is possible to have a good dining experience, even while sticking to GWorld. Here is a list of the most underrated places on GWorld for the next time you are bored of alternating between Roti and Sweetgreen.

1. Beef N’ Bread
Have you tried their mac 'n cheese? It's really cheap and really good.

2. Bobby’s Burger Palace
Sure, it’s a little more of a trek than BTS, but it’s waaaay better. The fry sauce is amazing, there’s more seating in the restaurant, and the burgers are more homestyle.

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3. Crepe N Cream
Again, a bit of a trek off campus. Crepe-A-Way seems to be everyone's go-to crepe stop, but if you’re near Georgetown, definitely hit up Crepe N Cream for not just crepes but ice cream too!

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4. Custom Fuel Pizza
&Pizza isn’t on GWorld yet, but Custom Fuel Pizza is! Like at &Pizza, you can make your own flatbread-style pizza, but Custom Fuel has other options too, like wings!

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5. The Magic Gourd
In a battle between Chalin's and Magic Gourd, Magic Gourd would definitely win. Located just a little off F Street and a hidden gem of sorts, Magic Gourd has the best Chinese food I’ve had in DC.

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6. Paul Bakery
It’s a bit pricey, but it’s still a great place to stop by and grab a coffee or pastry or maybe even a full meal. Not only is it a great place to grab a bite to eat, but it’s the perfect environment for writing your paper or sending out emails.

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7. Rolls by U
Located down the stairs by FoBoGro, this place is a little hole-in-the wall that is surprisingly really good, despite how easily it is overlooked. It serves not only sushi rolls, but custom bowls and sushi burritos as well.

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8. Surfside
Out of all the places on the list, this place by far is my favorite. Surfside is a taco shack up in Dupont with a trendy menu and exterior. Open 24/7, this place even has a late-night menu for all of your post 11 pm cravings.

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9. Wiseguy Pizza
Wiseguy doesn't get the credit it deserves. Despite its location in a college dorm, you can expect to get fine quality pizza here.

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Note: This is not an endorsement of any of the establishments listed above.