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Places my friends and I had fake IDs taken



George Washington University


Places my friends and I had fake IDs taken

You're welcome

Jazmyn Strode


If you’re a GW student under 21 and don’t have a fake, good for you. That wasn’t sarcasm. I’m genuinely proud of you for being able to have fun without it – assuming you have fun. This article is probably more for the people who commit slight identity theft.

I’m now 21. It’s nice. I don’t have to remember a nonexistent street address complete with zip code – God, the zip code was so hard – or the basics about the state of South Carolina, of which I am not a resident. The days of shakily handing over a card that claimed I was, at the time of its last use earlier this year, 24 years old are over. But the scars remain.

This is a warning to the youngsters of where not to go, from my friends and me. Learn from us. Use us as a resource. You, unlike us, have been warned.

Blackfinn, McPherson Square
Pubs are a fun, little taste of Europe that gives you the opportunity to drink like you’re at a bar, but eat like you’re at a restaurant and watch football games like you’re at Hooters minus the boobs. Ideal situation! Just don’t try this one. They call the police.

The Brixton, U Street
The draw is the roof deck and that it’s more subdued than Nellie’s, but right across the street for when you get tired of dancing to Britney Spears (if that ever happens to you. I for one cannot relate as I want to dance to Britney Spears all the time). You can sometimes get away with this if you aren’t of age. Key word being sometimes. Enter at your own risk (or play a lil' game with yourself where you don’t let yourself even try to go in until you’re legal, keeping whatever is hidden inside a nice secret, somewhat of a coming-of-age birthday present to yourself. I’m not saying I did this, but I am saying it’s really not that deep; it’s just a normal bar.)

Town, Shaw (RIP soon)
Town is up in the air. I have talked to near equal numbers of people who got their ID taken, or at were at least turned away, and people, in the same boat as myself, who sailed through in time for the drag show. You can never know. Danger may loom. Sadly, this will soon be a non-issue, so I say, if you’re a risk-taker, go for it.

Don't worry, Nellie's is safe. You'll always have Nellie's.