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The 9 guys you'll blow in Thurston this year



George Washington University


- satire

The 9 guys you'll blow in Thurston this year

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Audrey Whitehurst


It's your first year at GWU, you're all settled into your Thurston quad, and you're ready to s some d. Here's what you can expect:

Standard Prep
  • Still has his high school lacrosse stick in his room
  • Don’t know why he wears his Vineyard vines vest when it's 90 degrees, but it kinda turns you on
  • You spend three awkward minutes fiddling with the zipper of his Nantucket red shorts

  • Pretty sure that’s an alt-right haircut but it’s still pretty cute
  • Without fail brings up how that one time he tripped acid in Santa Monica made him understand the massive structural inequities between white and black Americans
  • His insta resembles a high fashion magazine

  • Only guy with biceps in your Intro to Comparative Politics class
  • You’re never quite sure what sport he plays (maybe rowing…?)
  • Cool backpack bro!

Proto-campaign manager
  • You were trying to sleep with the proto-candidate, but he had a reputation to worry about
  • Knows how 2016 would have gone if he were running Hillary's campaign
  • Quietly apologizes after he cums

  • Hot leftist
  • A prole dressed like the bourgeois
  • Hooking up with him technically makes you a class traitor
  • Dick wasn’t as woke as he is

The one with weed
  • All you know about him is that he always has weed and he’s currently got his dick in your mouth

  • Ambiguous whether or not he voted for Trump
  • Pretty sure he once implied that we should legalize marijuana so I guess...he's not the worst?
  • The one that’s gonna make you gag

Elliott School Dreamboat
  • He’ll tag you in memes about OPEC
  • Plans on interning with the Foreign Service in Brazil, still ends up as a hilltern
  • You make his dick go off like a North Korean Rocket Man

Peter K
  • When you realize just how far you’d go to be on the school’s snap story