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Five Insta-worthy places to check out in D.C.

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George Washington University


Five Insta-worthy places to check out in D.C.

Expand your horizons beyond the Mall for some photoshoot locations

Erika Rosario


The monuments in D.C. are breathtaking; but I’m pretty tired of seeing the same three locations shot over and over again.

To fix this, I went around the city looking for cool places to take pictures; since we’re all looking for that Insta-ready photo that doesn’t involve food or the basic Starbucks latte.

So first things first, Georgetown is pretty close to GW so I went to shoot there. Turns out, this part of D.C. is filled to the brim of picture-perfect places.

I went through alleyways and on top of a couple of rooftops and I found some decent spots that are easily accessible.

1. The first place on my list is Bulthaup. It’s a chic furniture store, but that’s irrelevant; what you want to notice is the beautiful greenery that pairs with the brick building outside.

Photo courtesy of Jerome Thomson
Honestly it looks like you’re in a forest when you take pictures there, which makes this an A+ location.

2. The next place is also in Georgetown. It’s an alley next to Dawn Price Baby on M and 31st.

Throughout the alley there’s this awesome lighting that reminds me of music videos and the #justgirlythings meme.

Photo courtesy of Jerome Thomson
The brick wall has some graffiti on it which is also pretty cool, so it’s definitely something for you to check out if you’re ever not doing homework or binge watching Netflix series.

3. The third place is a little harder to get to, but super worth it. The Haagen-Dazs in Georgetown has an awesome rooftop and I’m not saying “trespass,” but I’m also not telling you to ask for permission. If you go to Blues Alley, which is behind the building, you can climb up the metal stairs and reach the rooftop.

Photo courtesy of Erika Zepeda
There’s some awesome graffiti up here, but the view of Johnny Rocket’s is my favorite part. Photos with this backdrop can’t go wrong and it’s a chill spot to have a picnic if the sun isn’t too hot.

4. For these next two I used to find some legit artwork in D.C.. This website is part of a non-profit that showcases every major mural in the city along with its history and location.

I decided to check some of them out in Columbia Heights and I was not disappointed.

The first one I checked out is a mosaic titled City of God and it’s on the side of BloomBars, a local community center.

Photo courtesy of Jerome Thomson
This mural is amazing to say the least and it’s just a short walk away from the Columbia Heights metro station.

5. This last one is less than a 10 minute walk from City of God. It’s titled Tin-Can Telephone and its photorealism is breathtaking. Like is this a mural or a scene from a movie? The detail on it is so cool and it’s easy access so anyone can walk up to it.

Photo courtesy of Erika Zepeda
There are many, many more places to see. D.C. is really beautiful if you look a bit farther than Foggy Bottom and the monuments. Go explore and see how pretty this place can actually be.