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Construction is coming, and more: Rival Review



George Washington University


Construction is coming, and more: Rival Review

Your weekly round-up of GW and DC happenings


Welcome, citizens of GW and fellow millennial go-getters, to The Rival Review. Over break (and perhaps beyond) we're going to be gathering all the GW and DC news you care about and putting it together in one place, right here, just for you. So without further ado, let's get to it...

GW plans to redevelop Rice Hall and 2100 Penn

Just when you thought the construction was over, GW announced that what is now Rice Hall and 2100 Penn, home to President Knapp's office and the mozzarella stick Mecca that is T.G.I. Friday's, will be redeveloped into a mixed-use complex like The Avenue. GW Today reported that the goal is to generate revenue for academic programs, and that the offices currently in Rice Hall will be located elsewhere around campus due to the changes.

Don't get too worried, because lovers of Peter K and extremely strong Long Islands alike won't see any changes this academic year. Rice Hall and 2100 Penn won't be vacated until December 2018 and June 2019 respectively. This just means we can look forward to another 6 years of Knapp making awful "our mascot is a crane - a construction crane" jokes.

C.I. is changing again, but the laser lights are gone for good

What I imagine C.I. used to look like with the fabled laser show

GW Today announced that the university is making changes to the Colonial Inauguration program for incoming freshmen this summer. This year there will be six shorter, two-day C.I. sessions available throughout June, with an additional three for international and transfer students in late August. They're also getting rid of in-person parent sessions in favor of some sort of "online module" instead. This is supposed to increase the affordability and accessibility of the C.I. program.

Though the laser light show from the mid-2000s isn't coming back (yes, that was a real thing), you can bet the Class of 2021 will be greeted by a Colonial Cabinet as overexcited as ever.

HGTV fans, rejoice! A new house flipping show is coming to D.C.

If you're a die-hard consumer of comfort TV like my roommates and I, you've probably been SHOOK by the twin downfall of HGTV classics Flip or Flop (whose stars, Tarek and Cristina, announced they're separating) and Fixer Upper (whose stars, Chip and Jo, are still a perfect family but may or may not hate the gays). Fear not, however, because Washington City Paper reports that a brand new HGTV show called "D.C. Flippers" is premiering January 8.

Starring HGTV's first black couple, Ati and Rob Williams, you can catch them as they flip houses up, down, and all around The District. Will this be the change HGTV needs to recapture its couch-potato audience? I don't know, I've already moved on to a Law and Order marathon.

GOD, Karen, District House is on an all-Pizza diet!

The first of District House's new dining options soft-opened this past week. Wiseguy NY Pizza, a pretty great pizza-by-the-slice restaurant, is supposedly going to be one of five restaurants in the basement of District along with Beef n' Bread, GRK Fresh Greek, Sol Mexican Grill, and, yes, Chik Fil A. These, plus Peet's Coffee on the I Street entrance of District and a crêpe place in Duquès Hall, would have handily made up for the "loss" of J Street by the middle of the fall semester.

The problem is, not one of them was open before finals, leaving many GW students and especially freshmen living in a Foggy Bottom food desert. We can only hope more open over break - until then, I guess we'll have a daily pizza party.

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