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A look at SA presidential candidate Ashley Le

student government


George Washington University


A look at SA presidential candidate Ashley Le

Junior and Undergraduate Ashley Lee is seeking out the Presidential position on the Student Association

Sean Quinn


Junior Ashley Le is basing her platform for the SA Presidency on three central tenets: community empowerment, diversity inclusion, and intentional collaboration.

First serving as the SA Director of Information Technology and then as the Vice President of Public Affairs, this presidential campaign is the culmination of a career serving GW dating back to the end of her freshman year. With her platform Le seeks to combat what she sees as the the largest problem at GW: an un-inclusive campus culture where GW treats its students “like clients instead of students, just like every other institution in DC”

Le believes that it is critical that GW students from all backgrounds find the sense of community she has found in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and while serving refugee communities in Clarkston, Georgia with GW Alt Breaks. Ideally, her policies as SA President would focus on helping students find their place on campus and that all students have their experiences heard and acknowledged.

Le would like to help make the transition easier for freshman coming into GW by revamping the model of the First Class program, turning it into a running class that focuses on problems facing first year GW students, from learning their way around D.C to properly budgeting a meal plan. She hopes that this will help students adapt to college faster as well as help them better find their space on campus. Another policy Le would like to enact would be the expansion of communal spaces where GW can “interact, study and hangout together”

As a student born outside of the United States herself, Le’s platform puts a particular focus on ensuring that students from outside of the typical American background feel just as comfortable and that their voices are heard by the community as a whole. She would support mandatory diversity and inclusivity training in classes for all Colonials, especially in light of the recent racist Snapchat incident.

In terms of Intentional Collaboration Le is very optimistic that the GW administrators will be receptive to students voices. According to Le, President LeBlanc has been listening to student voices and is “prioritizing the student experience”. She sees the appointment of numerous new administrative staff, including a new Dean of Student Experience as an opportunity to work with people specifically brought to GW to change the culture among student communities.

For more information on Ashley and her policies visit her campaign website.

Fun Fact: Ashley has a side job as a Uber Driver, doing pickups and Uber Eats. Nothing says serving the GW community quite like bringing you pizza and Crepeaway or taking you back from Heist on a Friday night.