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What your finals study spot says about you



George Washington University


What your finals study spot says about you

You've turned in your exams, now it's time to reflect.

Maggie Schwarz


Your study spot during finals reflect a lot on your personality. Your hopes, dreams, aspirations, character - it’s all evident in the place you camp out during this wayward week. Whether you choose it for its close proximity to Starbucks or a getaway from the hustle and bustle of campus, where you study provides not only a haven for learning, but a mirror into your soul. Let’s take a look!

Amongst many others at this school, you probably are cramming super late in the game and think that being within feet of a Starbucks will help you do better on your Macro exam. (It won’t, trust me.) You had to trip someone to get one of the god-forsaken third floor Cubicles and you’re either drenched in sweat or chattering your teeth, because the thermostat in Gelman is as temperamental as the supply and demand curves you’re trying to learn. You’re strong and determined, and that’s what people admire about you. You’re sociable, which is why you have to lock yourself away in Gelman’s muted colored and old furnished prison to actually read your notes. Finals brings out your true grit that you’ve been hiding away all semester. Ride out that wave.

You’re either a graduate student or like to mess around in the open classrooms with your friends (guilty as charged). You’re whimsical, staring out the window into Washington Circle, daydreaming about the music and arts festival you’re going to at the end of June. You get distracted a little too often, which is why you had to make the trek all the way across campus to Siberia to get some work done. You’re healthy, or something like that, if you can survive on their excuses for vending machines (I mean really - who switches out the Diet Coke for herbal tea?)

You’re probably wearing some sort of Greek letters and drinking a venti iced coffee from Starbucks. You’re hardworking, but not overly anal and know when to give yourself a break and grab a crepe from downstairs. You’re probably kind of an ass, but are actually more lovable and kind than people expect you to be when you’re fiercing waiting for conferences rooms. You’re quite outgoing, relaxed, and yet still dedicated, but know that at the end of the day, your grades aren’t the only thing that matter in life.

Thurston Basement
You’re a freshman. Let’s get that out of the way. You don’t want to change out of your pajamas, and also enjoy the masochistic allure of running into all of the other awkward freshman while you try to study your intro-to-whatever notes. You’re probably a little naive about how finals are going to go and are just “cashing this one in.” In terms of personality, you’re very sociable, but also a bit timid, which is why you prefer the comfort of your own dorm over the intensity of Gelman.

You’re either a SEAS student or just an extreme minimalist. You’re one of the more hardworking students on campus, which is why people envy your drive and your ability to trap yourself within the pristine walls at all hours of the night. Your Beats headphones are blasting Frank Ocean probably. You’re clever, and probably a little prideful - showing off those really sciencey formulas on the huge whiteboards as if you’re cracking the code to time trave.

You probably consider yourself an “anti-hipster” and wear mom jeans - which are very trendy in the hipster pallet nowadays. You want to pay way too much for decent coffee and an even more decent aesthetic, which you post on your snapchat story to let people know you “get out and explore DC” (when in actuality you took an Uber to Dupont). You’re independent, a bit reserved, and probably an SMPA major.