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Banweb, bipartisanship, and banking: Rival Review



George Washington University


Banweb, bipartisanship, and banking: Rival Review

Your weekly dose of past, present, and future.

Courtney Buble

Reed Westcott


The week in review

Clockwise from top left: Peter K with some of his adoring fans at Flag Day / GW Alum Alec Baldwin rocking 'Blue Steel' / File photo of President Trump probably commenting on the quality of his dessert
Photo credits: Pranav Nanda / The inter webs

The week ahead

TedX Foggy Bottom
A magic historian, a “super mom” and a 13-year-old coder walk into an auditorium. No, this isn’t the start of some shitty joke, these are some of the headliners at this year’s TEDx Foggy Bottom, coming up on April 22. All kidding aside though, the organizers at TEDx have compiled a solid roster of speakers, ranging from prominent social activists to not one, but TWO SEPARATE ROCKET SCIENTISTS. Tickets are onsale here, but make sure to grab them soon.

Bipartisan Summit
GW No Labels is hosting a Bipartisan Discussion Summit on Tuesday, April 18. This is a chance for the politically active and opinionated GW students to come together and discuss the post-Trump era. All parties and sides are welcome.

Class registration
Brace yourselves because the most terrifying time of the semester is coming up. Class registration A.K.A. the Hunger Games begins Wednesday. Check your DegreeMap, make sure you don’t have any holds, and pack your bow and arrow. Also, set your alarm for the crack of dawn, so you have time to wake up in a cold sweat, re-evaluate your life choices, and get a good start at the cornucopia, I mean, CRNs. Here is the schedule for your reaping day.

Tax March
You thought registration was bad? Saturday is Tax Day *insert ominous music here.* The interesting part is the march,which was organized to protest Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns. The boring part is when you have to break out your W-2’s, comb through your pay stubs, itemize your deduct…...okay I’m even boring myself now.

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